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Common Water Issues in Baltimore

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

Baltimore's main source of water comes from rainfall and snowmelt that collects and stores in one of three reservoirs outside city limits. The water in each reservoir flows to the filtration plant for treatment and distribution. During times of extreme drought, when the stored water nears depletion, supplemental water is supplied by the Susquehanna River.

Poor-Quality, Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem in much of Maryland, including Baltimore. It contains dissolved minerals, including calcium and magnesium, and whether the water comes from a well or municipal supply, some hard water problems can be hard to diagnose. Common hard water problems include:

  • Limescale buildup
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Spots on glassware
  • Dull, dingy-looking clothing

pH Imbalance

Water with low pH will leave blue-green stains behind on surfaces that often come into contact with the water, including sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, and even light-colored clothing. Also, water with low pH could be acidic and corrosive, which could leach metal contaminants from plumbing fixtures and pipes into your drinking water.

Unpleasant Smell

One of the most common causes of foul-smelling water in Baltimore is chlorine. Used frequently as a water treatment additive to disinfect the water supply, chlorine can leave your water with an unappealing odor.

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

Occasionally, water can become discolored after hydrant flushing. If this happens, run your cold water tap for a few minutes to flush the water until it runs clear.

Did You Know

The city of Baltimore performs 150,000 tests each year to monitor drinking water quality.


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