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Common Water Issues in Twin Falls

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

The water in Twin Falls comes from 10 wells that are supplied by the Snake River Plain Aquifer. This groundwater supply is drawn from the Blue Lakes Well Field, the South Wells and reservoir system, and the Southeast Wells and reservoir system. Twin Falls' water is affected by a high concentration of minerals and is also treated with chlorine for disinfection, which may leave behind an unpleasant taste or odor.

Hard Water

If you've noticed your laundry isn't quite as soft as it could be, your hair is limp and dull, or your dishes are perpetually spotty, you're feeling the effects of the hard water in Twin Falls. Hard water is caused by excess calcium and magnesium often found in groundwater. Hard water can cause serious damage to your appliances, hot water heater, and plumbing as mineral deposits are left behind over time.

Dry, Itchy Skin

  • Hard Water — One of the effects of hard water in Twin Falls can be dry, itchy skin. This happens because the minerals that make the water hard also absorb the moisture from your skin.


Chlorine is used by nearly every water treatment plant in the country — including the plant that handles Twin Falls' drinking water — in order to disinfect water before distribution. While it makes the water supply safe for drinking, chlorine can leave behind a faint odor or taste that can make Twin Falls' water unappealing.

From hard water to cloudy glassware to lime buildup, there's a Culligan filtration solution that can help solve your water problems. Just take the simple, free Culligan water test to figure out what's causing the problem — and to identify the best solution to take care of it!

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

During the cold winter months, keep cupboard doors under kitchen and bathroom sinks open to allow the warm air in your living spaces to warm pipes and help prevent them from freezing.

Did You Know

Twin Falls adds fluoride to drinking water to help promote dental health.


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