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Common Water Issues in Pocatello

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

Pocatello's drinking water comes from deep wells supplied by the Lower Portneuf Valley Aquifer — a groundwater source that's replenished by snowmelt from the Mink Creek and Gibson Jack watershed areas. Because it's pumped in from 18 wells around the city, Pocatello has quality drinking water that's exposed to few contaminants. However, as Pocatello's water flows over natural rock layers, it absorbs minerals that cause water to become hard.

Hard Water

As snowpack melts, the resulting water filters through layers of mineral-rich limestone. For that reason, Pocatello's supply of groundwater is high in calcium and magnesium, making water hard. In addition to causing household frustrations like scratchy laundry and spotty dishes, hard water can also cause dry skin, dull hair, problems with appliances, clogs in pipes, and buildup on fixtures and faucets.

Lime Buildup

Limescale is that chalky buildup you see building up around your faucets or on your hot water heater. An accumulation of the same minerals that give Pocatello hard water, lime buildup is both unsightly and destructive. Unless removed, limescale will continue to build up over time, causing problems like:

  • Underperforming appliances
  • Clogged showerheads
  • Rings around tubes and sinks
  • Blocked pipes or plumbing

Cloudy Glassware

Hard water not only affects the way that detergent dissolves, but it can also result in limescale buildup — which can clog your dishwater and reduce the efficiency of your hot water heater, leading to spotty dishes and glassware.

Your local Pocatello Culligan Water Expert is an expert on your water, can test it to determine any problems, and provide the best way to address them.

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

Use body wash or shower gel in place of bar soap, which causes soap scum in hard water environments.

Did You Know

On average, May is the rainiest month of the year in Pocatello.


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