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Common Water Issues in Sandy Springs

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

The water in Sandy Springs is purchased from Anderson Regional Joint Water System, supplied by surface water from the Hartwell Lake Reservoir and Easley-Central Water District, which gets water from Saluda Lake in South Carolina. With surface water from two different sources, the quality of Sandy Springs water can be affected by a high concentration of sediment, minerals, and metals.

Poor quality

Surface water is exposed to significantly more contaminants than groundwater, and all of the water in Sandy Springs is provided from surface water sources — like rivers, streams, and storm runoff. As surface water moves over the ground, it not only collects natural elements like dirt particles, metals, and minerals, but it can also absorb contaminants like human or animal matter, chemical compounds, or radioactive materials. All of these factors can contribute to poor-quality water.

Lime Buildup

Caused by calcium and magnesium that have absorbed into Sandy Springs' water, limescale can build up almost anywhere water flows, resulting in:

  • Clogged showerheads and faucets
  • Low-performing appliances
  • Inefficient water heaters
  • Deposits in pipes and plumbing

General Bad Taste

The water in Sandy Springs is treated with chlorine for disinfection, which makes it safe to drink. However, chlorine treatment can leave behind a faint scent or taste. If you're sensitive to chlorine, the drinking water in Sandy Springs may be unappetizing.

It's frustrating to pull your drinking glasses out of the dishwater, only to find that they're not crystal clear. The minerals that cause limescale build up on the surface of your glasses, leaving behind a cloudy film and scratching the surface of your glasses over time.

Spotty, Cloudy Glassware

From hard water to cloudy glassware to lime buildup, there's a Culligan filtration solution that can help solve your water problems. Just take the simple, free Culligan water test to figure out what's causing the problem — and to identify the best solution to take care of it!

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

Soak your showerheads in vinegar to remove hard water buildup and keep water flowing properly.

Did You Know

Fluoride is added to the water supply in Sandy Springs.


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