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Common Water Issues in Roswell

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

Roswell's water comes primarily from the Big Creek Watershed, fed by local streams, lakes, and rivers, with supplemental water purchased as needed from a source that draws on the Chattahoochee River. A blended water source, the water in Roswell is susceptible to contaminants like minerals, sediments, and metals — all of which can affect the taste and quality.

Hard Water

Roswell's hard water is typical of water that comes from surface sources, as it collects and dissolves a wide range of particles as it flows over rocks, dirt, and silt. High amounts of calcium and magnesium make Roswell's water hard, and the effects can be seen in everything from your skin and hair to your water flow. Negative effects of hard water can include:

  • Dry skin or dull, lifeless hair
  • The formation of soap scum
  • Stiff, scratchy laundry
  • Poor heat conduction, which affects your hot water heater

Lime Buildup

You may have noticed a white, chalky substance building up inside your teakettle or on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. That's limescale, and it's created when those high levels of calcium and magnesium in Roswell's water are deposited over time. In addition to the limescale you see, it may also be building up in your appliances, pipes, and plumbing, causing potential problems if left untreated.

General Bad Taste

There are two reasons behind poor-tasting drinking water in Roswell. As part of the disinfection process, Roswell's water supply is treated with chlorine. While chlorination makes the water safe to drink, it can also make it unappealing by leaving behind a slight scent or taste.

A metallic taste in your drinking water is likely caused by excess metals, like iron or manganese. In addition to making water taste funny, these metals can also turn water a brownish or rusty color and leave stains on clothes or in sinks and tubs.

Spotty, Cloudy Glassware

Both limescale and heavy sedimentation in Roswell water can make it difficult to get dishes and glassware looking sparkly clean. Not only can they can build up on the surface of drinking glasses, leaving them looking filmy, but over time, limescale and heavy sediment can actually etch glassware, causing tiny scratches that can't be removed.

From hard water to cloudy glassware to lime buildup, there's a Culligan filtration solution that can help solve your water problems. Just take the simple, free Culligan water test to figure out what's causing the problem – and to identify the best solution to take care of it!

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

Unscrew your faucets and clean or replace the aerators to keep water flowing properly.

Did You Know

Roswell purchases water from Fulton County when necessary to supplement the water supply.


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