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Common Water Issues in Orlando

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

Orlando's water is pumped in from the freshwater Floridan Aquifer that sits beneath Orange County. The groundwater in the aquifer is mostly rainwater that filters naturally through sand and rock. While Orlando has high-quality groundwater, it must be treated with chlorine, which can affect the taste, and hydrogen sulfide must be removed before it's suitable for drinking.

Hard Water

Because Orlando's water flows over sand and rock as part of the natural filtration process, it can pick up excess calcium and magnesium, resulting in hard water. Hard water can cause problems not just in your home, but also for your body. Some of the negative effects of hard water include:

  • Cloudy glasses and dishware
  • Scale buildup in appliances
  • Dry skin
  • Dull, lifeless hair

Colored Water

Orlando water may pass through marshland, and small particles can become suspended in water. The result is water that has a yellowish color. While it's safe to drink, the yellow water can be disconcerting and unappetizing.

Bad Taste

Hard water in the Orlando area can result in the buildup of lime, which can lead to damage in your home over time. Lime buildup can:

  • Chlorine — Orlando water is disinfected with chlorine, which may affect the way it tastes. While water treated by chlorine is safe to drink, it can be unappealing for anyone sensitive to the taste or scent. If you've noticed your water tastes bad or has taken on a chlorinated smell, it's most likely due to the way the water is treated before it reaches your home.
  • Decrease the efficiency of your hot water heater
  • Shorten the lifespan of your washing machine
  • Negatively affect your heater and air conditioner

Culligan offers a filtration solution that can help you overcome bad taste, discoloration, or poor water quality. The simple, free Culligan water test can help you figure out what's causing your water problems and provide the best solutions for fixing them.

Lime Buildup or White Scale

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

Use lemon juice to combat scale buildup on faucets and fixtures.

Did You Know

The Floridan Aquifer is fed primarily by rainwater.


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