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Common Water Issues in Colorado Springs

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

Although Colorado Springs is known for its striking views of the Rockies, it is not known for its abundance of water, as it is technically in the dry, high desert region of Colorado. Nearly 75% of the water that Colorado Springs uses comes from mountain springs from the Aspen, Leadville, and Breckenridge areas many miles away. The other 25% comes from collected surface water and groundwater. Pipes and streams carry the water to one of two large reservoirs — the Rampart and Catamount. From there, the water continues on to one of two water filtration facilities that treat the water before dispersing it to the residents of Colorado Springs.

Poor-Quality, Hard Water

As dissolved iron and other hard minerals are added to the water during the filtration process, it hardens and decreases in quality. Some signs of hard water include:

  • Buildup on household appliances and faucets
  • Cloudy dishes and glassware
  • Hard-to-clean residue on dishes, sinks, and tubs
  • Stiff, scratchy laundry
  • Prematurely aged clothing and linens that are rough to the touch

Limescale Buildup

Limescale or white scale buildup is a result of the calcium and other minerals present in hard water. Unattractive and difficult to clean, limescale is often responsible for:

  • Malfunctioning heating and cooling appliances due to buildup
  • Chalky deposits found on kettles, pots, and pans
  • Clogged faucets and showerheads
  • Streaky, spotty dishes and glassware

Dry, Itchy Skin

One of hard water's most irritating results is dry, itchy skin and dull, lifeless hair. Hair and skin are greatly affected by water quality, and using hard water in the shower can lead to:

  • Dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Dry, irritated, flakey skin
  • Premature aging due to dryness of skin

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

Hard-to-remove limescale and hard water residue can be treated with a white vinegar solution.

Did You Know

In 1909, Dr. Frederick McKay of Colorado Springs made the discovery that a little fluoride added to drinking water could help prevent cavities.


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