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Common Water Issues in Scottsdale

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

The drinking water in Scottsdale comes from a wide variety of sources. Much of it comes from the Colorado, Verde, and Salt rivers, along with other surface water and groundwater sources like underground aquifers. Once water is sourced from local aquifers, it is pumped through 24 city wells before being distributed to Scottsdale homes and businesses.

Poor Quality

Because Scottsdale's water comes from both surface and groundwater sources, it is exposed to a wide variety of contaminants. As the water travels over the land's surface and underground, it can pick up human or animal substances, pesticides, organic and inorganic material, and even radiochemical components. All these contaminants may result in poor water quality.

Lime Buildup

Excess calcium in Scottsdale's water means a potential for limescale buildup. Limescale is a white, chalky substance that can cause damage in your home. If left untreated, lime buildup may:

  • Create slow drains
  • Affect your coffeemaker or kettle
  • Stain toilets, sinks, and tubs

Spotty, and Cloudy Glassware

When Scottsdale's hard water meets the fatty acids used in soap, the result is that slimy substance known as soap scum. Aside from being unsightly, soap scum can make cleaning a nightmare and surfaces like the bathtub dangerously slick.

  • Hard Water — If it feels like you can't ever get your dishes clean, hard water in Scottsdale may be to blame. Sedimentation and high levels of calcium and magnesium can actually etch your glassware, giving it a cloudy or spotty appearance.

Whether you're having trouble with spotty glassware, soap scum, or hard water, there's a Culligan filtration solution that's right for you and your home.

Soap Scum

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

A solution of half water and half vinegar can remove hard water stains in the shower.

Did You Know

Scottsdale water is monitored for clarity.


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