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Lethbridge, AB Water Problems

Common water issues in Lethbridge, and how to fix them

The Oldman River is one of the primary sources of water for Lethbridge, one of the few cities in Alberta to rely almost solely on surface water for municipal use. Like many other areas that use surface water for a majority of their water needs, Lethbridge is familiar with some of the common water-quality complaints that come along with sourcing river water.

Hard, Poor-Quality Water

Dissolved minerals often make their way into Lethbridge's water via sediment from the Oldman River. The result is hard water, made that way by dissolved minerals, like iron and calcium, that can be hard to manage and result in other issues around the home, including:

  • Elevated utility bills
  • Dry, irritated skin
  • Early appliance burnout
  • Scratchy, stiff laundry

Stains and Water Discolourations

Water that runs anything but clear from the tap can sometimes be cause for alarm. In Lethbridge, it’s often one of the signs of above-average levels of dissolved iron in the water. It may appear reddish or rust-coloured, and can leave behind stains in sinks, tubs, and toilet bowls, requiring a lot of elbow grease to clean.

General Bad Taste

Water that tastes like something, whether it’s a metallic aftertaste or a slightly sulphurous signature, is usually more than enough to put someone off. While poor taste is often another product of dissolved minerals making their way into the supply, an unpleasant taste can sometimes be cause enough to have water tested by a professional.

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

Letting water “breathe” can sometimes help water odours off-gas from the tap, while a drinking water system can remove odours and discolourations at the source.

Did You Know?

Lethbridge contains 570 kilometres of distribution water main.


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