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Common Water Issues in Wasilla

Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

Wasilla's water is made up entirely of groundwater that's stored in aquifers deep below the ground. Because of the depth at which the water is stored, it's relatively contaminant-free, but it contains a heavy saturation of minerals that can affect the taste, color, and hardness of the water.

Hard Water

High mineral content gives Wasilla hard water — which brings with it a whole range of problems. Hard water negatively affects everything from household appliances to hair and skin. If your laundry feels stiff and scratchy, your glassware is filmy, or your soap doesn't lather, Wasilla's hard water is probably to blame.

Stains and Colored Water

Metals like iron or copper in Wasilla water can affect the color, making it appear reddish-brown or greenish-blue. While water is tested periodically for safety, colored water due to metals can stain clothes, cause health problems in children or the elderly, and make drinking water unappealing. Some metals in Wasilla's water also affect the taste, making it metallic or bitter.

Lime Buildup

If you've noticed a chalky white buildup around your fixtures, that's limescale. An excess of minerals is often found in well water — like the drinking water in Wasilla — and is caused by a high concentration of minerals like calcium. Lime buildup can accumulate anywhere from inside teakettles to inside plumbing, appliances, and water heaters.

  • Spotty dishes
  • Filmy glassware
  • Underperforming appliances

Heavy sedimentation is often found in well water like Wasilla's, and the suspended particles can make it look cloudy or unclear. Sedimentation in water can also create household annoyances like:

Cloudy Water and Heavy Sediment

If your drinking water is filled with sediment or looks cloudy or discolored, there's a Culligan filtration solution that's right for you. When you take the simple, free Culligan water test, you'll learn what's causing the problem — and find the solution you need to get rid of it.

Tips From the Culligan Water Expert

Hard water prevents soap from lathering, so choose gentle body washes or non-lathering cleansers.

Did You Know

Wasilla's water is treated only with chlorine.


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