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Where Does a Water Softener Go?

garage filled with household items
garage filled with household items

Where Does a Water Softener Go?


Hard water can leave its mark on your home in more ways than one – whether its soap scum lining the tub, underperforming appliances hiking up your utility bills, or white scale and lime buildup forming on plumbing fixtures. A water softening system can break down those hard water problems and improve your water quality, reduce impurities, and more.

But before installing a softening system in your home, there are some important factors to consider – one of which is, of course, where do you put it?

Where does it go?

If you’re replacing an old water softener, it makes the most sense to put the new system in the same place. But if you’re moving to a new home or purchasing your very first water softener, you may have a few location options.

A few tips you’ll want to keep in mind when determining the right location for your water softener:

  • First, make sure the system will be out of the way, but still accessible to your home’s plumbing system. For most people, this means the basement, garage, or mudroom.
  • Make sure that when you settle on a spot, it’s in an area that won’t be exposed to freezing temperatures that could cause damage to the system.
  • Depending on the type of water softening system you choose to install, there are drain proximity, electrical, and piping connection requirements – all things that your Culligan Expert can help you with during installation.

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