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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

woman drinking clean water that followed the reverse osmosis process
woman drinking clean water that followed the reverse osmosis process

Reverse Osmosis Process: A Step-By-Step Guide


Sometimes it takes more than standard filtration to transform your water into something better. Certain types of problem water require a more advanced solution – specifically, reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis Removes Impurities

Culligan has developed proprietary reverse osmosis membranes, using custom technology to address specific problems identified in your water. Effective at removing contaminants, solid substances, molecules, minerals, and other impurities, our reverse osmosis filtration systems include point-of-use installation that solves water problems many other filters cannot.

One Step at a Time

Reverse Osmosis uses a multistep filtration process designed to remove impurities*, transforming your drinking water into fresh-tasting, pure water that’s refreshing to drink.

The Culligan AC-30 Good Water Machine® uses a triple water filtration system with three advanced filtration methods combined into one solution that, together, reduces sediment and impurities, leaving you with fresher drinking water.

  • Reverse osmosis filtration – reduces barium, chromium, radium, and other substances affecting your water.
  • Pre-stage sediment filter – removes sediment and microscopic particles responsible for cloudy water.
  • Post-stage carbon filters – reduce elements that contribute to odor and flavor problems.

Our most advanced reverse osmosis drinking water system, Culligan Aqua-Cleer®, has 13 advanced filter options to provide advanced filtration to remove harmful water impurities such as lead, radium, chlorine, and arsenic.

You can enhance your reverse osmosis system with Culligan’s ClearLink PRO™ accessory for wireless filtration communication that switches your main faucet between unfiltered and filtered water – with only the touch of a button.

Contact your local Culligan Expert today for help customizing a multistage reverse osmosis system that will transform your water from poor-quality to pure and refreshing.

*Impurities are not necessarily in your water.


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