• Bottled Water, Drinking Water & Soft Water – Just a $1 a Day

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    Bottled Water, Drinking Water & Soft Water – Just a $1 a Day

    Whether you want soft water for your home, filtered water straight from your tap, or the best bottled water delivery service you deserve, Culligan is here to provide it – for just $1/day.*

    Looking to improve the water quality of your home? There’s never been a better time to sign up for the luxury of great water from your local Culligan Water experts. With soft water running through your pipes, filtered drinking water right at your kitchen tap, or scheduled delivery from Culligan Water, you’ll have yourself asking why you didn’t call Culligan Water earlier. You’ll get:

    • Softer Water: Eliminate the water marks left by your dishwasher while also extending the lifetime of your appliances.
    • Better Taste: Pure, refreshing flavor is ideal not just for drinking, but for cooking, too.
    • Less Waste: Uses less plastic than individually-sized water bottle alternatives to minimize environmental impact.

    *Limited time offer – expires 6/30/2021. While supplies last. Bottled water includes three 5-gallon bottles of purified drinking water plus free dispenser rental. Does not apply to spring, re-mineralized, or distilled water. If you decide to purchase your drinking water system or softener within 3 months, your rental payments will be deducted from the purchase price.

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