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Filtered Water Pitcher vs Drinking Water Systems – Ditch the Pitcher

Culligan filters for drinking water systems
Culligan filters for drinking water systems

Filtered Water Pitcher vs Drinking Water Systems – Ditch the Pitcher


Culligan provides a variety of solutions to improve the taste and quality of tap water. Whether it’s something as simple as our pitcher filters or an integrated under sink drinking water system, there’s a Culligan way to introduce better tasting water to your home.

The Starter Model for Water Filtration

If you’re looking for an easy way to help improve the taste of your home’s water, you might have looked into getting a pitcher filter. With no set up or installation, and a generally affordable price tag, pitchers often seem like the simplest way to get started with water filtration.

Pitcher Pros and Considerations

Pitchers can provide some great benefits, from better tasting water to the convenience of filtered water, fresh and cold from your refrigerator. Pitchers are ideal for homes that already have fairly high quality water, since most pitchers are not equipped to handle water problems beyond slight taste or quality issues.

There are also some additional considerations, including:

Filter cartridges Capacity Long term benefits

If your home drinks large quantities of water regularly, the pitcher filter may not be the most efficient or economical solution. It’s also worth considering the amount of refrigerator real estate you may or may not have to dedicate to a water pitcher.

Benefits of Drinking Water Systems

Rather than a pitcher, you might consider an under sink system to give you access to fresher tasting drinking water right from the tap (or very near your tap). In the long run, drinking water systems are a much more effective way to provide cleaner, better tasting water for your entire household. For both the ease of use and the quality of the filtration, many homeowners find that drinking water systems work better for them.

Drinking Water Systems

  • Long term solution
  • High capacity
  • Pre-scheduled maintenance
  • Powerful, sophisticated filtration
  • Includes professional servicing
  • Larger investment; longer life


Pitcher Filters

  • Quick filtration fix
  • Capacity limited to cartridge requirements
  • Requires regular replacement
  • Handles very basic water filtration
  • Minimal upkeep
  • Low cost


The level of filtration engineered in these systems is much more sophisticated at removing impurities and contaminants that may be in your water that a pitcher filter would not be able to. Especially if you rely on well water, or live in an area where the municipal water supply has challenges, you’ll want a filtration system that’s up to handling more complex water problems.

Maintenance is also minimal, and you can schedule your Culligan Man to arrive with replacement filters plus conduct routine servicing exactly when your system needs it, right on your schedule.

Products like our Aqua-Cleer® Drinking Water System or our AC-30 Good Water Machine® fit directly and discreetly out of the way under your kitchen sink, and both include stylish faucet attachments to match any kitchen fixture or finishing. Custom installed by your Culligan Man, you’ll get the results you want from the experts in drinking water systems.

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