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Demand Better Drinking Water


Demand Better Drinking Water


As water quality awareness increases, so does demand for better water treatment solutions.

Despite the generally high quality of drinking water in the United States, the demand for treated water is massive. While many water treatment systems only treat water for aesthetic improvements to taste and odor, Culligan’s industry-leading water filtration technology provides a more advanced solution.

Drinking Water Contaminants

Water drawn from the tap often contains impurities.* Although there are numerous impurities that could be affecting your water, some of the most common drinking water contaminants are chlorine and total dissolved solids (TDS).

Chlorine is added to tap water during the purification process to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. This ensures that your tap water is free of disease, but the off-putting taste and odor of the chemical often lingers.

TDS refers to the level of dissolved ions found in water. Well water near coastal regions is known to have elevated levels of TDS due to the proximity of the ocean and deposits left by the ocean. Other natural sources of dissolved solids are rocks, bedrock, and soil – as water comes in contact with them, minerals dissolve and remain in the water.

Culligan Drinking Water Solutions

Culligan’s Aqua Cleer® advanced drinking water system is completely customizable to suit the needs of your home. With more filtration options than any other drinking water system available, the specialty advanced filters of Aqua Cleer® can be configured to target and remove specific impurities, including arsenic, lead, volatile organic compounds, and more.

For the most advanced drinking water solution, Culligan’s first-to-market wireless control system, ClearLink PRO™, pairs with our Aqua Cleer® and AC-30 Good Water Machine® to deliver filtered water from your current faucet, with the touch of a button.

Ready for Better Water in Your Home?

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