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Custom Water Filter Solutions For Specific Water Needs

baby in tub playing with shower head
baby in tub playing with shower head

Custom Water Filter Solutions For Specific Water Needs


Culligan has spent more than 80 years evaluating home water filtration, and we can say with confidence that we’ve seen everything including the kitchen sink, actually—especially the kitchen sink. So, when we say Culligan can design a system for you and your personal water filtration needs, we mean it.

A customized water filtration solution factors in the exact type of water issues you may be experiencing along with the type of budget you’re working with. But instead of telling you we can build a custom filtration system, here are a few different scenarios that can show you just how Culligan customizes water filtration solutions.

Scenario 1: Something’s Off After The Shower

Every time you hop out of the shower your skin feels dry, your scalp starts to itch and your color-treated hair seems to appear a bit duller. You think the cause could be the water coming out of your shower head.

Culligan Solution: Culligan High Efficiency-Water Softener

Based on those post-shower effects, you’re likely experiencing a hard water issue. The Culligan High-Efficiency Water Softener may be just what you need to get that shower water on the right track. The system automatically adjusts to changes in your homes’ water conditions. You can also customize water softness so your water never feels too soft or too hard.

And if you’re having issues in your shower, chances are that same water is affecting other areas of your home where water is used. Some of the benefits of a water softener include the ability to reduce wear and tear on appliances that use water and make them more efficient, which can lower monthly water and electricity costs.

Scenario 2: Water Filter Pitchers Can’t Keep An Active Family Hydrated

You’ve been using a water filter pitcher for quite some time now, but with so many people in the house, it’s constantly empty. You also aren’t sure if the disposable filters you pick up from your local retailer is really catching all the contaminants that may be coming out of your faucet. Although both you and your family could drink tap water, you enjoy having the better-tasting stuff, the stuff that’s readily available, high quality and oh-so hydrating.

Culligan Solution: Under-Sink, Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

With our drinking water systems, you’ll never need another water filter pitcher. Using Culligan’s reverse osmosis water filtration system means you’ll always have an endless supply of cleaner, safer, better-tasting water straight from the faucet. Depending on where you live, we can customize a water filtration system so that it addresses any regional water quality issues you’re experiencing. When water is filtered through these systems, impurities that might be in your water are removed, providing an endless supply of cleaner and-better-tasting water. Our systems have a flexible, under-the-sink design that is perfect for the home.

Scenario 3: Busy Household, Big Family With Drinking Water And Working Water Issues

You’ve got a full house on your hands, which means the washing machine and dishwasher run 24/7. But you keep on noticing residue buildup on your dishes, and your family’s clothes never seem to be as bright as before a cycle in the washer. On top of that, the tap water in your hometown doesn’t have the best reputation and you’re worried it isn’t safe to drink or cook with. You suspect you may have a water quality issue and want to make sure you find an affordable solution that will resolve any and all issues.

Culligan Solution: Whole-Home Water Filtration Solution – Water Softener + Drinking Water Filtration

While there are many water filter solutions out there, your entire house could benefit from one of our whole-home filtration solutions that addresses your working water—the water that runs through your appliances, and your drinking water—the water you and your family ingest. A combination of both a water softener, like the HE Municipal Water Conditioner, and a drinking water filtration system, like the Aqua-Cleer Advanced Drinking Water Filter System, is a good example of a custom solution that fixes all water running throughout your home.

The HE Municipal Water Conditioner is an all-in-one water treatment solution that softens and filters working water, while the Aqua-Cleer Advanced Drinking Water Filter System uses reverse osmosis to reduce impurities that might be in your local tap water and improve the taste of it. It’s the best of both water worlds!

This scope of water-related scenarios is just a microscopic look into the wide-range of solutions we can provide. Don’t worry if you didn’t see one that relates to your unique water issues, we have numerous solutions that will get to the root of your water issues. Call on Culligan to evaluate your water issues and address the problems head on. Our custom filtration solutions will cater to your specific home water needs, small or large.

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