• Your Local Culligan Man

    Culligan Man, Your Local Water Expert that can Recommend Specific Water Treatment, be it a Water Softener or Water DeliveryA world of water treatment resources with 75 years of product experience – right in your neighborhood.

    Your Culligan Man knows your water – because he or she lives in the same community you do. He understands local water quality and its issues and can help you customize water conditioning solutions specific to your neighborhood and your home. 


    Backed by over 75 years of industry experience and expertise, with in-depth knowledge of local needs and superior water treatment technology, your Culligan Man isn’t just a water expert, he’s your water quality expert.


    Get to know your local Culligan Man

    A professional problem solver, he can:



    From treating water for your home to delivering bottled water to homes and offices to providing water treatment solutions, your Culligan Man is prepared to solve your water problems.

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