• Environmentally Friendly Benefits

    Reduce Chemicals and Energy with Culligan Water Treatment Solutions

    Green solutions that work hard for your home, and the environment.

    There are a number of ways you can reduce the environmental impact of your home by investing in a Culligan water filtration system or softener. Our filtration systems, softeners, and drinking water solutions offer environmentally friendly benefits that help keep your home, and the planet, a little happier.

    • Improve Efficiency – Appliances, heaters, and air conditioners all function better with filtered or softened water, which means lower utility bills and less wear and tear. Culligan products, like our Bottle-Free® coolers, are also ENERGY STAR rated to save on energy usage.
    • Reduce WasteDrinking water systems eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles, which reduces the amount of bottle waste and the associated production costs. Dishwashers and washing machines also require less soap, which cuts down on dirty water discharge.
    • Clean Less – Treated water leaves less residue behind than untreated water, making cleaning easier, less frequent, and requiring fewer harsh chemicals and less backbreaking effort. 

    Learn more about the environmental benefits of using Culligan products from your local Culligan Man today.
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