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Water Testing Made Easy With Culligan

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by Rick Cook, Manager of the Culligan Analytical Laboratory

Do you want to know what is in your water? Let Culligan help with that!

The design and maintenance of a proper water treatment system, from basic filtration to advanced chemical treatments, depends heavily upon identifying if and which contaminants may be present in your water and the concentration of that contaminant.

Several common water contaminants leave obvious signs of their presence, like rust stains from iron, or a rotten egg odor from hydrogen sulfide. Other water contaminants you cannot see, smell or taste. In order to properly treat problem water and maintain the water treatment system, you must understand what contaminants exist in your water source. And the only way to completely understand what contaminants are in your water is to perform a water test.

This video from Culligan illustrates how easy it is to get your water tested. Your Culligan Man can provide basic water testing in your home or you can receive advanced water testing with a mail-in water test from Culligan’s certified water analysis laboratory. Watch the video to learn more about Culligan water testing, and go make an appointment for your water test today! Let us know if you have any comments or questions in the comments section of this blog, or on our Facebook page at We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are unable to view the video in this blog, click here to view the water testing video in a new window.

Hi, thanks for this very informative post. I'm guessing the water testing you offer is much more concise than what's being detected by an off the shelf product like that of ZeroWater's TDS meter. Or are there really any major differences between the two?

Posted by: Selina Raynolds( Visit ) at 3/25/2013 4:13 AM

Thanks for your question, Selina! The Culligan Analytical Laboratory is a certified laboratory that offers extensive water testing that you may not be able to find in a do-it-yourself product. The Culligan Lab tests for more than 100 contaminants, including TDS, and provides extensive results in a timely manner. We don’t want to leave you hanging with technical lab results, so you can also share them with your local Culligan Man. He can interpret the water test results for you and offer solutions for improving your water quality. The Culligan Lab also carefully maintains calibration records and participates in various blind studies to maintain data quality and give you the most accurate results. Let us know if you have any further questions!
Posted by: Codee at 4/4/2013 4:08 PM

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