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    You local Culligan Man can perform a basic in home water test or contact our Analytical Laboratory for more in depth water testing.
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    Dissolved solids, particulates, and other issues that can cause problem water don’t always manifest in obvious ways. That’s why it’s important to make a habit of checking your water quality regularly.

    Home Water Testing

    Wherever you are, there’s a local Culligan Man available to test your water, for free, today. Whatever the reason, whether it’s laundry stains, odors, or unpleasant tastes from your tap, a water test from Culligan can identify the cause and help your Culligan Man find the right solution for your home’s water.

    Basic Water Test

    Culligan’s basic water test is free and typically takes less than 10 minutes to conduct. The test identifies common problem water causes, and your Culligan Man can use the results to recommend the right water treatment system for your water supply.

    Lab Water Test

    A Culligan lab test evaluates water quality for harder-to-identify water issues. Based on the results of a basic water test, your Culligan Man will be able to determine if a laboratory test is necessary. Your Culligan Man will then send out your water sample to our EPA-certified lab for in-depth analytical testing, and the results will be returned within three days when your Culligan Man will discuss results and recommendations with you.

  • Culligan has been testing water and providing solutions for homes and businesses for over 75 years.