• Water Delivery

    Bottle-Free Water Coolers

    Feature SetWater DeliveryBottle-Free Water Coolers
    A choice of different types of water—filtered water, spring water, demineralized water or distilled wateryes 
    An inexpensive office perk for employeesyesyes
    Great tasting water in your home for your whole familyyesyes
    Attractive designer coolers to match your décoryesyes
    Bottle-Free® is hassle-free yes
    Cold, refreshing drinking water and steaming hot water for soups, coffee, tea and hot chocolateyesyes
    It’s better for the environment than disposable bottlesyesyes
    Keep plastic out of landfills and support your company’s green initiatives yes
    May save you moneyyesyes
    Multiple temperature controls—cold, room-temperature and hot water (optional)yesyes
    Never run out of water, eliminate bottle deliveries and receive one predictable invoice yes
    No more lifting 42-lb. bottles yes
    Eliminate need to store or order bottles yes
    Reverse osmosis filtered water available—the most advanced water filtration technologyyesyes
    The convenience of no permanent installation—simply plug in the cooler and add a bottle of wateryes