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Problem Water Series: Tannins in Water

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Water quality, particularly well water, is sometimes affected by natural, organic sources.  Does your water have a bitter taste or a musty odor? Is it yellow in color? If this describes your water, tannins may be the culprit. Tannins are natural substances which come from plants or soil. When tannins are present in household and drinking water they may cause issues related to taste, color and odor of water*.

Your well water may have tannins in it if you notice:

  • Water is yellow or tea colored
  • Water has a musty or earthy odor
  • Drinking water has a bitter or tart taste
  • Laundry is discolored and doesn't smell fresh
  • Yellow stains on household fixtures and dishes

Fortunately, the presence of tannins or other contaminants can be tested for by your local water professional, your Culligan Man. He will then be able to use these test results, and his knowledge of your local water conditions, to prepare a recommendation for providing you with better water.

There are no health concerns associated with tannins. However, if you believe you may have tannins or other contaminants in your water, we suggest you get your water tested (2). Your Culligan Man may also recommend testing  your water for sulfates, alkalinity, iron, total dissolved solids (TDS) and hard water, as these may help determine which water treatment method will be most effective (3). He can not only test your water, but is a great resource to recommend a Culligan whole house water treatment solution to fit your specific needs. You can also visit Culligan's online Solution Center to help pinpoint specific water issues by touch, taste, smell and even appearance (such as the color). 

*Tannins and other contaminants are not necessarily in your water. 





Problem Water Infographic: Iron

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Rust stains in your tub or sink? Water taste metallic? Do you get enough of your iron in your multivitamins? Learn more about how iron gets in your water and how a water filter system can help the associated impact on your home.

Check out the first infographic in the Problem Water Series to learn the ins and outs on iron.

We want to hear from you! Does this help you understand the impact of iron on your water and home? What other well or municipal water issues can we cover in future infographics?

*Iron, contaminants and impurities are not necessarily in your water.

Iron Infographic Rip


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Holiday Water Wish List

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The holidays are a time for friends and family to get together and celebrate. The season brings people together to eat, drink and be merry! When it comes to preparing your home for guests, water plays a major role in giving your place that extra sparkle. When you go through your checklist of holiday hosting musts, consider the moments when water will be involved, such as:

  • Preparing delicious meals and holiday-inspired drinks
  • Baking holiday treats using your favorite family recipes
  • Making warm drinks like tea, coffee and hot chocolate
  • Bringing out your best glassware, china and place settings
  • Getting linens and towels ready for house guests
  • Cleaning your home before and after entertaining guests

The common theme on the holiday prep checklist is water. So, before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins, get your water treatment system serviced.

Don't have a whole house water treatment system? Since your water usage may increase with the number of guests coming and going, you will want your water to be at its best. Using high quality water will make your dishes as shiny, sparkly and bright as any holiday light display. Your towels will be fluffy and soft and your food, baked goods and drinks will taste great.

Your local Culligan water professional is an expert on local water quality and possible issues or contaminants. He or she can test the water in your home and give you a recommendation for a water treatment system that best fits your needs. It may be as simple as replacing an old water softener with a new one, or getting an under-the-sink water filter installed. For other cases, a whole house water filtration system may be the answer.

If you live in a cold climate and you're familiar with the chill of winter, Culligan's bottled water delivery and salt delivery services are great options. When you're busy entertaining guests and celebrating the season with friends and family, your Culligan Man will take the hassle out of your day by delivering bottled water and salt right to your door. Whether you're using salt for your water softener or to de-ice your driveway, you won't have to worry about the heavy lifting!

So, before that first snow flies or your doorbell announces your guest's arrival, call up your local Culligan Man to help you with your water wish list.