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The Water Elections

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It’s that time of year again, and voters are heading to the polls. Election season brings about a flurry of emotions as people track new and incumbent candidates, watch the debates and make their choice for individuals who could serve in political offices in the Senate, House of Representatives and Oval Office.

Culligan thought it might be useful to provide a quick view of two candidates for the water you drink in your home, apartment or office. The incumbent party, serving well for decades, is bottled water delivery service. The challenger is point of use filtration, also known as Bottle-Free® coolers.

To help you pick between bottled water cooler delivery vs. the bottle-free water coolers, we have broken down the benefits of both. The best part of this election is that no matter which you choose, you will get what you want: great Culligan water right in your office or home.


  Bottled Water Delivery   Bottle-Free® System
  • Your Culligan Man will deliver bottled water coolers to your home, apartment or office.
  • Your Culligan Man will install a Bottle-Free cooler in your office or a drinking water system in your home.
  • An office water cooler is great for employees to take a break and hydrate.
  • No water bottles = no heavy lifting.
  • It’s not a permanent fixture. A Culligan Bottled Water cooler plugs into an outlet and you can easily replace the bottles.
  • Eliminates the need to arrange for water delivery service.
  • Culligan delivers based on a service schedule.
  • Some coolers offer ENERGY STAR certification, saving you money.
  • Your Culligan Man will clean and sanitize your cooler as part of the full bottled water delivery service.
  • Your Culligan Man will service your cooler or drinking water system and help you with any other water needs.
  • Empty water bottles are removed, washed, sanitized and reused multiple times, reducing waste.
  • Culligan can also filter water for your coffee maker, refrigerator and ice maker.
  • To cast your vote in this water election or others, visit Culligan’s Facebook. Whether it’s deciding between bottled water delivery or the bottle-free system, we want to hear what is the best option for you.

    Please contact your local Culligan Man for more information about the services in your area and the most appropriate solution for your home or office. Your Culligan dealer will also provide you with your options for purchase, rental or financing.

    Not all products and services are offered by all dealers, but your Culligan Man can provide better tasting water for most environments.

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