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Culligan Filters for Drinking Water Systems

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Aqua Clear 120Drinking the recommended amount of water every day can present a challenge, especially if you have concerns about the quality of water in your home. We're advocates for getting all the information about your water quality so you can make the best choices about how to address anything that may be wrong with it, whether it's a slightly weird odor or a less-than-perfect taste.

Taking back the tap has never been easier.

Depending on where you live, there are usually a few common water problems, so whether you're in the same boat as your neighbor dealing with hard water, or there's a lingering chlorine smell, we'll help you find the right drinking water system so you can enjoy better-tasting water right from the faucet.

Choosing a drinking water filtration system

Each of our Culligan drinking water systems uses customized filtration technology to target problem water issues specific to your area, and your home. Your Culligan Man can help you select the right filtration to get the best possible drinking water, no matter the source.

Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water System

Our flagship filtration system, the Aqua-Cleer® technology includes five stages of targeted drinking water filtration to improve taste and reduce impurities.* A fully integrated under-sink system, it mounts inside your kitchen cabinetry and comes with a sleek designer faucet to easily provide access to fresher water where you use it the most.

AC-30 Good Water Machine®

Using similar technology to the Aqua-Cleer®, the AC-30 also features a compact design that puts better-tasting water at your fingertips. Third-party certified for peak performance, this drinking water system effectively limits impurities like barium and selenium* while enhancing the taste of everything you use water for in your kitchen, from soups and stir-fries to coffee and tea.

Preferred Series Drinking Water Systems

Equipped with three filtration sizes for complete home customization, the Preferred Series is a more compact option to incorporate better-tasting drinking water into homes or kitchens that may be more size-constrained. Fully tailored to your home's water quality, your Culligan Man can recommend the right combination of filtration for your water's needs, and install the system for you.

Cooler Options

Another option for homeowners to access purer drinking water is our variety of water coolers. If space or other restrictions make it prohibitive to include an under-sink filtration system, a water cooler may be a good alternative. Available in both bottled and bottle-free designs, incorporating them into your kitchen or office is an easy way to use a better drinking water solution. Including Culligan Man installation and servicing, these are both convenient drinking water systems.

Whether you're looking into a high-powered under-sink water system, or a more compact solution to address a specific water problem, your Culligan Man is the best resource to answer your questions and make a recommendation that will work for your needs.

Renting Vs Buying a Water Softener

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HE filter front smallA water softener can be a major investment in your home, adding value and convenience long after installation. The reality is, not everyone's living situation is conducive to purchasing a water softening system. Maybe you'd like to enjoy soft water in your home, but buying an entire unit is just not a practical choice. That's why Culligan provides the option to rent many of our most-loved products, from water softeners to filtration systems.

Benefits of Renting

Renting a water softener can be an easy, relatively low-overhead way to bring quality Culligan water into your home or apartment without actually purchasing a unit. Renting allows you to see exactly how having a water softener can impact your home, and experience the benefits that come along with it, without having to make any long-term commitments. Why else might you like to rent?

  • Provide a vacation property with soft water
  • Great solution for condo or apartment living
  • If you're not ready to buy a home yet, but have invested in major appliances like a washing machine or dishwasher

Benefits of Buying

By some estimates, adding a water softener to your home can increase its equity anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Like any upgrade you make to your house, the value usually comes from the investment itself, so if you put in the money and time to get an efficient, effective softener, chances are you'll see those benefits come back in the form of increased equity (not to mention lower utility costs and reduced wear and tear on your home).

There are many ways installing a water softener will help, not only immediately with the quality of life in your home, but with the resale process should your circumstances change and a move becomes necessary or desirable.

If you do decide to sell or move later on, having had a water softener installed will often save you many headaches when it comes to replacing fixtures, repairing pipes, installing a new water heater, or replacing other worn-out, big-ticket appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine - not things anyone wants to be spending money on while listing their house and preparing to move!

If you're considering either choice to start enjoying the benefits of better water at home, contact your Culligan Man today to learn more about your options.

Filtered Water Pitcher vs Drinking Water Systems - Ditch the Pitcher

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Aqua Clear 240Culligan provides a variety of solutions to improve the taste and quality of tap water. Whether it's something as simple as our pitcher filters or an integrated under sink drinking water system, there's a Culligan way to introduce better tasting water to your home.

The Starter Model for Water Filtration

If you're looking for an easy way to help improve the taste of your home's water, you might have looked into getting a pitcher filter. With no set up or installation, and a generally affordable price tag, pitchers often seem like the simplest way to get started with water filtration.

Pitcher Pros and Considerations

Pitchers can provide some great benefits, from better tasting water to the convenience of filtered water, fresh and cold from your refrigerator. Pitchers are ideal for homes that already have fairly high quality water, since most pitchers are not equipped to handle water problems beyond slight taste or quality issues.

There are also some additional considerations, including:

  • Filter cartridges
  • Capacity
  • Long term benefits

If your home drinks large quantities of water regularly, the pitcher filter may not be the most efficient or economical solution. It's also worth considering the amount of refrigerator real estate you may or may not have to dedicate to a water pitcher.

Benefits of Drinking Water Systems

Rather than a pitcher, you might consider an under sink system to give you access to fresher tasting drinking water right from the tap (or very near your tap). In the long run, drinking water systems are a much more effective way to provide cleaner, better tasting water for your entire household. For both the ease of use and the quality of the filtration, many homeowners find that drinking water systems work better for them.

Drinking Water Systems Pitcher Filters
Long term solution Quick filtration fix
High capacity Capacity limited to cartridge requirements
Pre-scheduled maintenance Requires regular replacement
Powerful, sophisticated filtration Handles very basic water filtration
Includes professional servicing Minimal upkeep
Larger investment; longer life Low cost

The level of filtration engineered in these systems is much more sophisticated at removing impurities and contaminants that may be in your water that a pitcher filter would not be able to. Especially if you rely on well water, or live in an area where the municipal water supply has challenges, you'll want a filtration system that's up to handling more complex water problems.

Maintenance is also minimal, and you can schedule your Culligan Man to arrive with replacement filters plus conduct routine servicing exactly when your system needs it, right on your schedule.

Products like our Aqua-Cleer® Drinking Water System or our AC-30 Good Water Machine® fit directly and discreetly out of the way under your kitchen sink, and both include stylish faucet attachments to match any kitchen fixture or finishing. Custom installed by your Culligan Man, you'll get the results you want from the experts in drinking water systems.



Bottled Water Delivery Service

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Bottled Water Delivery 120At this point, we probably all know we should be drinking more water. What's standing in your way? For many of us, it can be as simple as a lack of access to fresher, great-tasting water, quickly and easily. This is why so many of us pay for bottled water - out of sheer convenience. What if there were a better way? We like to think there is.

Bottled Water Taste, Tap Water Convenience

It really is the best of both worlds when you sign up for Culligan's Bottled Water. Not unlike our Salt Delivery Service we covered last week, bottled water delivery makes accessing fresher, better-tasting water in your home simple.

Why Bottled Water Delivery?

The answer really is: Why not? Bottled water delivery fits into your schedule as easily as it fits into your home. If you've been looking for ways to drink more water, look no further, since our bottled water cooler set up and delivery brings you everything you need, right when you need it, enabling you to reap the benefits.

  • Drink more water
  • Cut down on bottled water-related waste
  • Better taste for drinking and in beverages and food prep
  • Pre-scheduled deliveries mean you always have water when you need it, without having to think about it

Want fresher, great-tasting water at your place of business? You can choose to skip the bottle entirely and have a bottle-free cooler installed - these plug directly into your water line, so there's no bottle necessary, no delivery, and only periodic maintenance to make sure your cooler and filters are working properly.

Schedule your first delivery so you can drink up - simple.

Water Softener Salt Delivery to Your Home

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Between grocery store trips, work, soccer practices, school, and those errands you just have to do before your friend's birthday, it's no surprise we wonder where all the time in our day goes.

Notice how "thinking about your water softener" or "remembering to pick up water softener salt" didn't make the list? We did too, and we want it to stay that way. We've offered Salt Delivery Service to our customers as a way to help cut down on all those little nagging things we sometimes forget to remember.

We also know, with an investment as large as your water softener, you really don't want to leave it up to sometimes, occasionally remembering to replace the salt. To get the very best in terms of performance and longevity from your water softener or filtering system, it's important to be on top of regular salt refills and maintenance. It just makes sense that we'd bring both the salt and the maintenance to you, on a schedule that works for you, and your water softener.

Salt Delivery Service

For any kind of water softener that uses salt, we've got a salt delivery solution. Besides the added convenience of replacement salt that comes to your door, right when you need it, there are additional benefits of using a salt delivery service for your water softening system:

  • The right type and grade of salt for your softener, every time. (So you're not stranded in the store, scratching your head about the type of salt you bought last time, or wondering where that owner's manual is that might tell you.)
  • Better service for a longer-lasting, more efficient softener.
  • Automated delivery system and scheduling lets you set it and forget it.
  • Skip the heavy lifting - salt bags can weigh 40 lbs. or more! Let us handle it for you.
  • Includes a basic maintenance check. (We promise not to tell if your water softener is in better shape than you are when it comes to getting regular checkups.)

So sign up with your local Culligan Man to start salt delivery today, or learn more about the program if you have any questions - we're happy to help!

The Fail-Proof Way to Find Out What's In Your Water - Culligan Water Testing

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Free water testing from Culligan can reveal a lot about what's going on with your water. The stuff that comes out of our taps each and every day is maybe something we take for granted - how often do we stop to think about it, or maybe more importantly, what's in it?

The answers may surprise you, as many people discover when they sign up for a free water test from their local Culligan Man.

What is Free Water Testing?

Culligan offers basic water testing that's complimentary and usually as simple as scheduling a time for your Culligan Man to visit your home. Once there, he or she will take a sample from your tap and test it right in your kitchen. They'll be ready to discuss the results with you and whether it makes sense to treat any common water problems that may be in your supply.

Our basic water test makes it easy to identify some of the more common problems homeowners experience with their water, and how to treat any problems that do come back from the test. The best part? It usually only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. You can also learn more about the water in your area to see what you might expect from the test.

What Results Does a Water Test Provide?

The basic, free version of our water test can identify water's pH levels, and whether you have dissolved solids and minerals present in your water that may be making it look, taste, or smell off.

Your Culligan Man can also conduct a standard, EPA certified test to identify a greater variety of minerals like:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Sodium
  • Fluoride, and others.

There is an additional charge for this type of comprehensive water analysis, and you can check with your local Culligan Man for pricing to give you an even more complete picture of what's in your water.

What is Laboratory Water Testing?

An expansion of Culligan's testing offering, laboratory water testing at EPA certified Culligan labs is a more sophisticated method used to diagnose more nuanced water problems. In the event a preliminary water test comes back inconclusive, your Culligan Man may recommend further testing that requires sending off your water sample to the Culligan laboratories where we can use our advanced technology to further evaluate the quality of your water.

For more information about water testing, or to get started scheduling yours today, contact your local Culligan Man for details.

Hydration Celebration Continues

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There's still time to take advantage of great deals on the water treatment products you know and trust during Culligan's Hydration Celebration.

All you have to do to get in on the fun is give up your old water pitcher or water filter, and we'll give you a great discount on a more economical and environmentally friendly Culligan solution. With so many flexible drinking water solutions to choose from, you'll be celebrating more than just great tasting water - you'll be celebrating all that money you're saving, too!

Take Back the Tap

Our state of the art reverse osmosis drinking water system, for example, costs just pennies per glass to get cleaner, fresher drinking water right from your kitchen faucet. You'll also be thanking yourself that you don't have to deal with remembering to change the filters, or take up space in your refrigerator with bulky pitchers.

Now through June 30th, you'll be able to enjoy discounts on other Culligan drinking water systems as well, so you can get the water you want, just the way you like it. Whether it's a point of use system like the Aqua-Cleer® tucked neatly under the sink, a water cooler for home, or a convenient bottle free cooler for the office, you'll find there's never been a better time to start drinking better tasting water.

Our customers are often surprised that the benefits don't end there - whether you like coffee, tea, or something else, any beverage made using water will come out tasting better than before when you start with cleaner, more pure Culligan water. Many people also find it improves the taste of foods prepared with water and makes clean up a much easier process since there's less limescale buildup and residue.

Turn in your pitcher or water filter today for discounts, or contact your local Culligan Man to learn more.