•  The Hydrological Cycle explains how the cycle of water moves around the Earth including evaporation and precipitation.

    At Culligan, knowing the science behind your water is part of what helps us condition it for better taste and greater efficiency in homes and businesses. It can be easy to take what comes out of our faucets for granted, when the reality is, our water has quite a story to tell.

    A small part of a much larger whole, each drop of water you drink and use in your home or office is part of a closed system known as the water, or hydrological, cycle. Water is constantly moving through this cycle, and understanding where it is, and where it has been, in the process gives us important insight into how it will behave when you turn on your tap, and how we can help improve it.

    Explore this infographic to learn more about the water cycle, or contact a Culligan Man today for more information.