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    Water Smell Like Rotten Egg? Get Sulfur-Cleer Whole House Water Filter

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    Water Smell Like Rotten Egg? Get Sulfur-Cleer Whole House Water Filter
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    Fresher water from every faucet.

    Few things are less appealing than water that smells or tastes bad. The Culligan Sulfur-Cleer® Water Filter solves some of the most common causes of the rotten-egg smell and other unpleasant tastes and odors that can occur in water due to high hydrogen sulfide content.*

    • Reduce Odors – Patented process eliminates smells associated with dissolved sulfur and other contaminants.
    • Low Maintenance – Automatic timer manages regeneration cycles so you don’t have to.
    • Durable Construction – Multi-layer design provides years of dependable filtration.

    Learn more about what may cause bad smelling, poor tasting water in your state. Your local Culligan Man can recommend the right water filtration solution for you.

      *Hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants are not necessarily in your water.

      The Culligan Sulfur-Cleer® Filter:

      • Gets rid of sulfurous rotten-egg smell.
      • Reduces hydrogen sulfide and iron in your water.*
      • Reduces rust stains on sinks, fixtures, dishes, and clothes.
      • Culligan water systems are third-party certified to perform as promised and are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

    • Water with even a trace of dissolved hydrogen sulfide can tarnish silverware and stain porcelain.
    • PT - Use filtered water to keep your houseplants healthy by preventing mineral buildup in the soil.