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    Whole House Municipal Water Treatment & Filtration
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    Whole-house water softening meets advanced filtration.
    Reduce chlorine effects and soften water easily with the Culligan High Efficiency Municipal Water Conditioner. An all-in-one treatment, our Municipal Water Conditioner combines the effectiveness of both softening and filtration for intelligent water treatment you can count on.
    • Durable Design – Patented construction technology resists rust and means it won’t corrode, even with outdoor use.
    • Softer, Better-Tasting Result – Activated carbon filtration eliminates the effects of chlorine in your water’s taste and odour.
    • Intelligent Efficiency­ – Our smart brine tank and Soft-Minder® meters work together to monitor salt levels and update system diagnostics, so you don’t have to.
    Find out how hard water and chlorine additives in your state’s water may lead to problem water in your home. Your local Culligan Man can recommend the right whole-house water treatment solution for your home's needs.

    The Culligan High Efficiency Municipal Water Conditioner:

    • Softens and filters your water.
    • Reduces rust and dirty water stains.
    • Makes appliances more efficient and last longer.
    • Makes your water taste better.
    • Saves salt, water and money.
    • Backed by the powerful Good Housekeeping Seal.
    • Certified by the Water Quality Association.

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  • Brew coffee with Culligan filtered water or Culligan bottled water for a better-tasting result.