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    Salt Free Water Conditioner Information includes Options for Brine Restricted Areas. Learn the Truth about Saltless Water Softener Claims from Culligan.
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    The Culligan conditioned water you trust, without the salt.

    In many locations, Culligan offers portable exchange softeners which are a great alternative to a salt-regenerating, in-home water softener.  Portable exchange softeners do not regenerate while installed in your home, so they are able to provide genuine Culligan soft water to your home – even in brine-restricted areas where certain types of softeners are not permitted. 

    Culligan also offers several filtration systems which can be used to improve all of the water in your home.  These systems do not soften water but they also do not use salt and so they can be used everywhere – even in brine-restricted areas.

    Culligan offers whole-house filtration to improve any unwanted tastes and smells that can sometimes occur in problem water. We also offer filters to reduce levels of sediment, iron, color, nitrates and/or sulfur, which may or may not be in your water. Find out what may cause common water problems by exploring problem water symptoms in your state.

    Culligan offers many other salt-free options that enhance your water and improve its taste, including:

    • Culligan Soft Water Exchange Softener Service - Regeneration takes place at Culligan, so there’s no salt or discharge at your home.
    • Culligan Automatic Filters - Our full line of salt-free filtration systems include Cullar® Carbon Filter, Filter-Cleer, Iron-Cleer®, Sulfer-Cleer®, and Cullneu Neutralizing Filter.
    • Whole House Reverse Osmosis

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  • Use soft water for dish washing for a spot-free shine, every time.