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    Better-tasting water where, and when, you want it.

    Eliminate the hassle of buying, installing, and maintaining a water softener with Culligan’s Portable Exchange Service. Ideal for small spaces and seasonal properties like rentals, cabins, or vacation homes, Portable Exchange solves your water softening needs without taking up the space of an installed water softener. It also means you don’t have to arrange for intake and output from your softening system, making it a perfect solution for areas that limit salt and brine discharge.

    • Stand-Alone Solution ­– Requires no installation, setup, or electricity to enjoy great-tasting Culligan water.
    • Delivered On Schedule – Fresh, softened water arrives the day you need it, and stops as soon as you don’t.
    • Custom Filtration – Treated for the unique attributes of your local water.

    Get clean, fresh water delivered right to you by your local Culligan Man – and find out what may be making your water look or smell funny by exploring problem water causes in your state.

    Portable Exchange Service

    • Flexible and convenient water delivery.
    • Water delivery service requires no installation or maintenance.
    • Requires no electricity, and often few to no changes to your existing plumbing.
    • Perfect for communities with brine or saline discharge limitations.

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