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    Reverse Osmosis and Filters for Quality Drinking Water

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    Reverse Osmosis and Filters for Quality Drinking Water
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    Sophisticated solutions for difficult problem water.

    Certain types of water require advanced problem solving, like the technology available in our whole house reverse osmosis filtration. Effective at removing impurities like sodium, chloride, fluoride, and other difficult contaminants, whole house reverse osmosis systems include point-of-entry installation that solves water problems many other filters cannot.


    • Greater Water Purity – Reverse osmosis systems are the perfect solution for homes with high salt content in water.
    • Custom Technology – Configured using Culligan Matrix Solutions® proprietary reverse osmosis membranes, your local Culligan Man installs the system specifically to your home’s requirements.
    • Added Filtration – Includes pretreatment, reverse osmosis, large capacity storage tank, repressurization, and post-reverse osmosis treatment as needed.


    Water problems can very depending on where you live. Learn more about what could be causing problem water in your state. Your local Culligan Man can test your water for free, and customize a multi-stage reverse osmosis system that meets the needs of your individual water.

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