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    Shower Filters and Water Pitchers - Retail Products from Culligan
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    Filtration Solutions for Home

    In addition to our line of water softeners and filtration solutions, Culligan also offers a range of products to make life better around the house.

    • Shower Filters – Available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your shower head, these perfect point-of-use solutions effectively reduce chlorine, scale, sulfur odor, and help prevent dry skin, scalp, and chlorine damage to color-treated hair.
    • Pitcher Filters – Convenient and cost effective, pitcher filters reduce bad taste and odor in tap water. Find everything you need, including pitchers and filter replacements.
    • Faucet Filters – Choose from a variety of under-sink water filters that provide cleaner, better-tasting water right from your kitchen faucet. Installation and filter changes are easy to do on your own.
    • Icemaker & Refrigerator Dispenser Filters – Filtering solutions for both water dispensers and icemakers, so everything from the fridge is fresher and better tasting.

    DIY Filters and Installation

    For the weekend warrior and do-it-yourselfer, Culligan has products that make working on, and installing, your own filter or softener easier.


    Recreational Vehicle Water Filters

    Culligan RV drinking water products can help you enjoy better-tasting water from coast to coast. Installation is simple, and filter changes are a snap.


    The cause of problem water can vary from state to state. You can learn more about specific issues common in your area to help understand and diagnose problem water in your home and determine which DIY water filtration solution is right for your home.

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