• South Carolina Water Quality Facts

    Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

    South Carolina's drinking water comes from a system of hundreds of miles of rivers and streams, and thousands of acres of lakes throughout the state. After being sourced, water is then cleaned and tested at water treatment facilities before being sent to homes and businesses.

    As South Carolina's water travels over the earth or through the ground it tends to absorb minerals, like calcium and magnesium. When there is a high concentration of these mineral elements present in the water supply, the water is considered hard. While the hard water in South Carolina is perfectly safe to drink, its mineral content is often responsible for a number of water issues commonly experienced throughout The Palmetto State. South Carolinian's often notice that their water contributes to soap scum buildup around the house, and a bad taste when drinking water from the tap.

    Different parts of South Carolina can experience various water challenges — the quality of water across the state can vary greatly. Learn more about the water where you live:

    Your local South Carolina Culligan Man is an expert on your water, can test it to determine any problems, and provide the best way to address them.

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