• Common Water Issues in Minneapolis

    Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

    The sole source of water for the city of Minneapolis is the Mississippi River, which provides an average of 21 billion gallons per year. Its water supply system is the largest in the Upper Midwest, using over 1,000 miles of pipes to disperse drinking water to Minneapolis residents and business owners. The water moves through this complex system to a water filtration plant that filters, disinfects, and adds fluoride before it is pumped to local faucets.

    Poor-Quality, Hard Water

    Dissolved iron and other minerals are often found in Minneapolis' water, making it hard and poor quality. While consuming hard water won't harm you, using it around the house can certainly lead to a number of household headaches, including:

    • Soap scum buildup
    • Underperforming appliances
    • Dry, itchy skin
    • Dull, lifeless hair
    • Stiff, scratchy laundry

    Spotty, Cloudy Sediment on Glassware

    Washing glassware in hard water can prevent it from looking its best. Hard water can make dishes, glasses, and silverware — even fresh out of the dishwasher — appear:

    • Spotty
    • Cloudy
    • Streaky

    Limescale Buildup

    The minerals in hard water can cause a buildup of limescale to form on your sinks, fixtures, and appliances. Limescale is both unsightly and difficult to clean, and can result in:

    • Rings around sinks and bathtubs
    • Buildup on appliances
    • Stubborn residue on surfaces
    • Buildup on pots and pans

    Whatever the cause or severity of your water issues, Culligan has a filtration solution. The best way to discover what's behind your water problems is to get a free Culligan water test.

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