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    Georgia's dwindling supply of drinking water sources has led to a number of water quality issues for residents. Most of Georgia's water currently comes from lakes and rivers —including the Chattahoochee and Savannah rivers. This surface water comes into frequent contact with a wide range of human, animal, organic, and chemical contaminants that affect the quality of Georgia's drinking water.

    Before distribution, Georgia's water must be heavily treated, often with chlorine and ammonia, both of which can leave behind an unpleasant taste. Additionally, Georgia's water is often saturated with salts, metals, and minerals that lead to hard water problems for residents. A Culligan solution can tackle any of these water issues, giving you cleaner, fresher water with a better taste.

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    In Georgia, there is a wide range of water quality issues affecting the state. Georgia's water quality varies from city to city, so learn more about the water where you live:

    Your Georgia Culligan Man is a water quality expert, can test your water for any problems, and provide you with the right solutions for you and your home.

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