• Common Water Issues in Los Angeles

    Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems

    Los Angeles has three main water sources, including the Eastern Sierra Mountain range via the Los Angeles Aqueduct system, the San Fernando groundwater basin, and the Metropolitan Water District's Colorado and Feather River supplies. Due to the size of the city, the water filtration and distribution services are some of the most extensive in the country.

    Poor-Quality, Hard Water

    Hard water is one of the leading results of complex water treatment and filtration systems, and can present itself in the form of a number of different household issues, including:

    • Clogged pipes and reduced water flow due to buildup
    • Hard-to-remove films and stains on tiles, tubs, and sinks
    • Dry, itchy skin
    • Uncomfortably stiff and scratchy laundry
    • Prematurely aged and dingy clothing

    Limescale Buildup

    Limescale is a hard, white buildup that can be found on many household items due to deposits present in hard water – and it can be a true pain to clean. Evidence of limescale includes:

    • Sediment and scum buildup on bathroom and kitchen appliances
    • Malfunctioning appliances that result in added household costs
    • Buildup that causes faucets and showerheads to clog
    • Difficult-to-clean surfaces
    • Hard-to-clean white scale rings around bathtubs and sinks

    Cloudy, Spotty Glassware

    Clouded and spotty residue on glassware can be embarrassing. When using hard water in the kitchen, even dinnerware and glasses fresh out of the dishwasher appear:

    • Spotty
    • Cloudy
    • Streaky
    • Filmy

    No matter what the cause of your water issues, Culligan has the right filtration solution for you. The best way to get to the bottom of your pesky water issues, and discover how to resolve them, is to get a free Culligan water test.

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