• Office Water Delivery

    Culligan office water delivery brings better drinking water for the office water cooler

    Office Bottled Water Delivery Service for better drinking water for your employees.The health of employees is a top priority for many companies, and good health starts with good water. Culligan is a trusted water delivery company that provides better water for offices across the country with an office water cooler. Office water delivery is a hassle-free way to give your employees a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. Your Culligan Man will set up everything from the initial install to helping you determine the best water delivery for your office. If your office water intake changes, such as increased usage at the beginning of the year or during the summer months, your schedule can easily be updated to reflect that. Your Culligan Man will make sure you always have plenty of drinking water on hand.

    If you are ready to start enjoying Culligan water at the office, contact your local Culligan Man now.

    Drinking Water Delivery for Temporary Job Locations

    Culligan office water delivery can also provide drinking water for temporary businesses or job site locations. Culligan is ready to help by offering short term usage plans for temporary situations. With over 800 dealers worldwide, we can accommodate many mobile job sites in various areas.  Contact your local Culligan Man for more information on temporary scheduling for office water delivery.

    For more information, you can find out how bottled delivery works or call your local Culligan Man!

    *Pricing includes installation, water cooler and 3 water bottles. Prices may vary upon location.