• Replace or Upgrade Your Current Water Softener

    Water Treatment System Repair or Replacement from Your Culligan Man. Learn more about water conditioners.

    Solutions for repairing and replacing water treatment systems

    If you’re experiencing problems with your water softener, filtration or drinking water system, or something just isn’t working the way it should, your local Culligan Man can find a solution.

    Inspection and repair

    Your Culligan Man is available to perform an "Inspect and Check" on any brand of water conditioning or filtration product for a nominal fee, provide you with the results, and discuss the best solutions.

    In addition to inspecting your system, he can:

    • Complete a complimentary water analysis.
    • Recommend a new water treatment system, if needed.
    • Install your new system, or upgrade your existing one.
    • Set timers and regeneration cycles, if needed.
    • Refill your salt tank.
    • Work with you to make sure you know how to get the most from your system.

    As always, water softener service and repair from your Culligan Man comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Upgrades and replacements

    Whether you’ve started noticing performance issues with your current softener or treatment system, or have recently moved, there are a few reasons to consider replacing or upgrading it.

    • After a home remodel
    • Changes in your water supply
    • More people in your household, or fewer
    • Current system is broken, aging, or isn’t performing as expected
    • You would like to reduce your salt and water usage
    • You want to save money on utilities

    Whatever the reason, you can trust your local Culligan Man to recommend the right solution for you, your home, and your water treatment system. 

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