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    As the worldwide leader in water treatment solutions for over 75 years, Culligan stands behind its superior products and services. We offer everything from water softener installation to delivery of water softener salt to ongoing water conditioning repair, all delivered by the trusted local Culligan Man.

    Support from Your Local Culligan Man

    Your local Culligan Man offers a full range of water softener repair services for residential, commercial and industrial water treatment systems. He can lead your water conditioner installation, and provide ongoing service and support for the system. The local service team is backed by years of local experience, and have extensive knowledge about local water conditions and the common water use applications in your market. The Culligan Man in your town is also backed by the entire Culligan System, and can gain support from other Culligan dealers, Culligan International's team of field technical trainers and specialists, and the engineering and development team at Culligan's headquarters.

    Your local Culligan Man like offers some or all of the following services in your market. Please contact him directly for more information.

    • Site survey and proper sizing of your water treatment system 
    • Site survey and proper sizing of your water treatment system
    • Pre-installation water testing services for a baseline
    • Installation, configuration and programming of your water softener, water filter, and other water treatment systems
    • Installation of reverse osmosis, sediment, and other types of filtration systems
    • Start-up services, including loading salt, chemicals, filters and fully testing your system
    • Parts for Culligan water softeners, drinking water systems, and water treatment systems
    • Inspection and often repair services on many third party water treatment systems
    Contact Culligan today to learn more about our services by selecting the "Make an Appointment" button below. You may also call us at 1-800-Culligan if your matter is more urgent. 


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  • The Hard Water in your Shower, Faucet or Sink that Culligan Can Treat with Water Softener System is the same Water that Existed on Earth Millions of Years Ago.
  • Quality Drinking Water through Filtration or Bottled Water Delivery. Tips from the Culligan Man - Be your own barista at home, and make your gourmet coffee with Culligan filtered water of Culligan bottle water.