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Hustling Up the Hancock, Bottled Water in Hand

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What does climbing, lungs and water have in common? The 17th Annual Hustle Up the Hancock, of course! Over 4,000 people will be racing to the top of the John Hancock Center in downtown Chicago this weekend for a noteworthy cause. Partnering with the Respiratory Health Association (RHA), Culligan International is the official bottled water sponsor for Hustle Up the Hancock this Sunday, April 13th.

Culligan will provide bottled water for climbers as they race up 94 floors to the top of the John Hancock Center in an effort to raise money for lung disease research, advocacy and education. Last year, over 2,500 participants indicated they or someone they know has been touched by a form of lung disease, showing how necessary RHA’s research really is.

Good luck to all the climbers! For those who will be climbing, don’t forget to look for the “Hey Culligan Man” team at the top! Cheers to clean water and healthy lungs!

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