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Drinking Water Recipes That Will Give Your Water Extra Flavor

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At Culligan, we think our water tastes great without any additives. Sometimes, especially in the warmer summer months, we like to spice our water up a bit. Anything from adding sliced fruit or cucumber to your chilled water offers a refreshing taste for the summer heat and gives you all the health benefits of H2O. To give your water an extra twist, try this drinking water recipe from Jamie Oliver.

You can also try freezing fruit and using it as ice cubes in your water. Or simply squeeze slices of citrus such as lemons, limes or oranges into your water for some added summer flavor.

If you want all of the refreshing benefits of water, you will want to make sure you have great-tasting water in your home. If you don’t like the smell or taste of the water coming from your faucet, call your local Culligan Man to find out what is in it. He can perform a water test and create a solution based around your drinking water needs!

We want to hear how you drink your water in the summer months! Leave us a note in the comments on your favorite water additive or recipe, or head over to Facebook or tweet to us @CulliganMan to sound off on how you stay refreshed in the summer months.

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