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World Water Day 2013: Celebrating International Year of Water Cooperation & Freshwater for All

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World Water Day 2013

Happy World Water Day 2013!

Every year on March 22, UN-Water, an inter-agency of the United Nations, organizes a day of water recognition to bring the importance of freshwater and the use of its resources to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

In reflection of International Year of Water Cooperation, this year’s World Water Day is dedicated to freshwater cooperation around the world. Water cooperation is effective cooperation between multiple players for any action involving water management (1). It means getting everyone together – scientists, policy makers, government, civil society – to ensure that fresh water best serves everyone’s needs (1). In many areas of the world, rivers and groundwater sources cross political boundaries (1). In these cases, international cooperation is vital in order to share freshwater sources across borders (1).

UN-Water has provided an infographic to help explain the importance of freshwater, how vital it is to cooperate for unified water management, and how you can participate in this global initiative. For ways to get involved in your local area check out the map of local World Water Day events on or submit your own!

Culligan would like to know ways that you celebrate World Water Day. Share your stories on Facebook, Twitter or here on the blog in the comments section.

Check out the Freshwater for All Infographic now!



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