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Bottled Water from your Culligan Man: Convenient, Great Tasting Water Delivered to Your Door

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By Lucas Chesnut, Owner and General Manager of the Western Kentucky Culligan Dealership

Serving Cadiz, Hopkinsville, Paducah, and the surrounding Kentucky area

Remember the tradition of a milk man that would deliver milk and dairy products directly to the front door? Right on schedule, he would show up with fresh milk and once you used and emptied the milk bottles, you would set them up outside your door and he would pick the bottles up and replace them with new, fresh milk. Sounds like an easy - and convenient - way of getting your refreshments, doesn’t it? While this milk man tradition may no longer be around, your Culligan Man still offers this timeless tradition with an even better beverage – great tasting bottled water. For over 75 years, your local Culligan Man has provided many households with better drinking water through bottled water delivery and other water treatment solutions, and that tradition is still going strong today.

Culligan’s bottled water delivery service offers many great benefits for your home or office drinking water solution. Your local Culligan man will deliver your choice of bottled water directly to your door. No more driving to the store, loading water into the shopping cart, and lugging heavy containers of water to your home or office. The Culligan man eliminates those hassles by doing the heavy lifting for you right to your front door.

Great tasting Culligan Water is served best through one of our Culligan bottled water coolers. These dispensers allow for you to enjoy an ice cold glass of great tasting drinking water on tap all the time. Bottled water coolers can have an instant hot dispensing option as well, giving you a perfect cup of great tasting hot water to make tea, hot chocolate, or even instant oat meal at the touch of a button.

How Home Bottled Water Delivery Works

The process of bottled water delivery is simple. Your Culligan Man helps create a schedule based around your drinking water needs. Then he will then deliver your water bottles to your home on your designated delivery day. Once you have used the water bottles, you set them out on the next delivery date and your Culligan Man will deliver the new water bottles and pick up the empties. He will also sanitize your cooler regularly, to ensure that your water is the best that it can be. If you will need more water, or run out early, just let your Culligan Man know, and he can make arrangements to deliver a larger quantity. Bottled Water Delivery for the Office

Office bottled water delivery is a convenient way to provide quality drinking water to your employees. As an inexpensive office perk, water bottle coolers provide a healthy alternative to sugary drinks such as juices and sodas. It works just like the home bottle water delivery. Your Culligan Man will help determine a water bottle delivery schedule for you, and help you monitor your water usage to see if your delivery schedule is meeting with what you need.

Culligan’s Water Bottles Are Recycled and Reused

Culligan water bottles are reusable – in fact, the average Culligan water bottle is reused 60 times. When your Culligan Man picks up your empty water bottles, he brings them back to the water bottling plant to be disinfected and reused. If you are looking for a convenient way to get already filtered, quality water right to your door or office, call your local Culligan Man. You will be able to enjoy in the tradition of delivered, refreshing beverages right at your doorstep (or office break room)!

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