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Thirsty? 6 Health Benefits from Drinking Water

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We’ve all heard since we were kids that you need to drink water to keep your body hydrated, but did you know there are additional health benefits to drinking clean water everyday beyond simply quenching your thirst?

Our bodies use up large amounts of water everyday, even if we’re not doing any heavy physical activity. Making sure to replenish that water loss is essential to maintaining good physical health. Whether you’ve considered the following or not, here are some ways that water aids your body everyday:

Muscle Energy

While it’s imperative to be well hydrated before and during exercise, your muscles need water everyday to stay in good condition. Lack of fluids can deplete your muscles’ ability to perform, even if you’re only going about your usual daily business.

Kidney Care

Our kidneys are remarkable machines—they serve as something of fluid central for our bodies. One of the key functions the kidneys serve is cleaning toxins from our bodies, and the more water the kidneys have to do that, the better. If your water intake is too low, the kidneys have to hold onto as much fluid to regulate the body as they can—and that’s when problems can arise. Drinking plenty of water helps keep your kidneys working properly—even if it means additional trips to the bathroom.

Joint and Tissue Lubrication

Like a door hinge or a bicycle chain, our joints need to keep well lubricated to function properly. Cartilage, which is the tissue at the end of bones that aids in movement, is made up of about 85% water (this decreases as we age). If your body isn’t getting enough water, your cartilage can’t maintain the slippery state that makes movement easy.

Calorie Control

No magic diet trick here—drinking water rather than soda or other highly caloric beverages helps reduce your calorie intake. Foods that have high water content, like most vegetables, fruit, and broth soups, work similarly by reducing your total calorie consumption, providing your body with healthy fuel, and supplying your system with much needed water.

Healthy Skin

Water is a key component of our skin, so in order to keep it in excellent health - and looking good to boot - it's important to make sure your body is getting plenty of water. A contributing factor to dry skin is lack of hydration. So while we may sweat and look flushed when the weather’s hot, it’s important to maintain healthy water levels. And when it’s cold and dry? Same thing—in fact, it may be even more important during the cold weather season to drink water to keep your skin in tip-top shape.

Regularity (And Yes, You Know What That Refers To)

Getting enough water into your system every day will go a long way in keeping your bowels doing exactly what they’re supposed to do. Water is essential to keeping most of our body’s systems and functions running smoothly. Not enough water everyday can affect the proper functioning of your gastrointestinal system, which can result in uncomfortable bouts of constipation. ‘Nuf said?

Of course, you’ll want to make sure the water you and your family rely on everyday is the best it can be. Your local Culligan Man can perform a water test to make sure that the all-important fluid that keeps your body running is providing the greatest benefit.



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