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Keep Track of Your Drinking Water Intake throughout the Entire Year

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As May comes to an end, we must say so long to our May is Drinking Water Month celebration. We hope you had as much fun, and learned as much, as we did! Drinking water really is more than what comes from your tap, pitcher or water cooler – it is essential to keeping up your health and hydration. And what better to celebrate than that?

If you are like us, this celebration has encouraged you to create goals to drink more water throughout the entire year. Our parting gift to you this May is to let you in on these nifty apps for keeping up with how much water you are going to drink now that you know how important it is! We find these applications useful, because we can enjoy the benefits of drinking water without the paperwork of keeping track of the amount we drink.

  1. Waterlogged. This app lets you set up drinking water goals, record your intake, set up reminders and updates you on how much water you have left to drink. The best part? It’s free.
  2. iDrated. You can customize your water goals with simple swipes in either ounces or liters. You can also receive medals for reaching your goals or see your hydration stats for the past seven days. Accidently recorded a glass of water you didn’t drink? Just shake your device to undo the last drink recorded.
  3. Water Your Body. This app suggests how much water you should drink based on your weight and gives you a daily or overall grade to show you how you are doing. Other cool features include reminders to drink water, a graph of your consumed water and useful facts on the benefits of water and human health.

Do you keep track of your water intake with an app? Tell us in the comments or head over to our Facebook or Twitter page to share how you keep track of how much water you consume.

If you want to start drinking more water but do not like the taste of your drinking water, you can always call your Culligan Man! He’ll set you up with a water test and create a custom water treatment solution just for you.

I use WaterMinder - simple to use, quick tracking and custom cups.
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