• Contact your local Culligan Man today for expert water softening and filtration advice about your toughest water problems.

    Culligan Man, Your Local Water Expert

    A global water treatment network and resource with 75 years of product experience.

    Your local Culligan Man is an expert on your water. He lives in your community so he understands the unique water quality, its issues, and the most effective means of addressing them. Local knowledge helps him customize a water treatment solution specific to your neighbourhood, and your home.

    Supported by water experts around the world, and backed by 75 years of industry experience, with in-depth knowledge of neighbourhood needs and superior water treatment technology, your Culligan Man isn’t just a water quality expert – he’s your water expert.

    Get to know your Culligan Man

    A professional problem solver, he can:


    Whether he’s treating residential or commercial water issues, consulting on water treatment solutions, or delivering fresh, bottled water to homes and offices, your Culligan Man is ready to solve your water problems. 

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