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    Water Softener and Conditioner Testimonials

    What Are Culligan Customers Saying?

    Our products and services often speak for themselves. Sometimes our customers do too.

    Our customers have relied on us for cleaner, quality drinking water for over 75 years. From bottled water delivery to advanced water treatment systems, we’ve been working hard to make a difference that people notice.

    "We feel that because Culligan services everything they sell and they have a great warranty that they stand behind their product long after they install it in a home.

    They have made us feel comfortable with our purchase and we do not have to worry that we made the right choice. We will be recommending Culligan to our family and friends when they are in the market for a new water softener."

    - The Guttschow Family

    "I recently purchased a Culligan Drinking Water System from you and have been extremely pleased! Since I had the drinking water system put in, my water tastes better than ever. It is so nice to be able to conveniently get great tasting water from my sink. No more waiting in lines at the store carrying huge cases of water. I used to spend a lot on bottled water, and now I don’t even worry about it.

    This system has saved me so much money! We receive letters in the mail about our cities’ water not meeting standards, and we are now able to go about our normal routine and not worry about it.

    Knowing we have Culligan water makes life easier on our whole family by giving us peace of mind! I feel so confident in our Culligan water system, that it is the only water I give to my 6 month old daughter!"

    - Josh Kruis

    "We had Culligan install an Iron Cleer® iron filter, a Gold Series Water Softener and the Good Water Machine® (reverse osmosis system) for drinking water. The odor and bad taste have been eliminated, and we are enjoying clear and fresh tasting water. The service we have received from all of the individuals associated with the Union Grove Culligan office has been exceptional."

    - Ken and Julie Edwardson

    "We put a rental Culligan water softener in our home. Taking a shower is a pleasure as your skin feels like silk. Bathtub rings do not form and we use very few cleaning supplies. We also installed a rental reverse osmosis drinking water system. The water tastes great and makes a big difference in coffee and when cooking. I wouldn't want to be without my Culligan equipment."

    - Lorraine Pattee

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