• Benefits of Clean Water

    Reduce Chemicals and Energy with Culligan Water Treatment Solutions

    Earth-friendly solutions that work as hard for your home as they do for the planet.

    Choosing a Culligan product can help you reduce your personal environmental impact, and that of your home, in a number of ways. Whether you invest in a water treatment system, softener, or drinking water system, you can count on our products that are built to last, and help reduce environmental impact at the same time.

    • Improved Efficiency – Major appliances, water heaters, and air conditioners run more efficiently with filtered or treated water. This not only means lower utility bills for you, it also reduces wear on appliances, helping them consume less energy throughout their lifespan. We’re also proud to feature ENERGY STAR-certified water treatment solutions for efficiency you can count on.
    • Reduced Waste – When appliances run more efficiently with softer water, it also means they use less of it and less soap, which cuts down on dirty water discharge. Drinking water systems can also help prevent waste from single-use plastic water bottles and associated production costs.
    • Less Cleaning – Untreated water can leave residue and film behind, which requires more soap, water, and time to get things looking, and feeling, clean. Treated water leaves less residue on the surfaces of tubs and sinks, as well as in pipes and appliances, which means you spend less time, and fewer products, cleaning.

    Learn more about our energy-efficient products, and find a water treatment solution right for your home.

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