• The Benefits of Better Water 

    Culligan Water Treatment Solutions for Better Household Water

    Culligan Water Makes Life Better All Over Your Home.

    Investing in a Culligan water treatment solution is one of the most beneficial upgrades you can make.

    Drinking Water System Benefits

    • Clean, pure and refreshing drinking water for your entire family.
    • More flavorful coffee and drinks.
    • Less expensive and less hassle than buying bottled drinking water.
    • A greener, more environmentally friendly solution to plastic bottles.

    Water Softening

    • Clean, kitchen and bathrooms with much less work.
    • Cleaner, softer laundry, using less detergent.
    • Smoother, more luxurious skin and hair.
    • Appliances work more efficiently and last longer.

    Whole House Filters

    Culligan offers a range of whole house filters that address the following concerns:

    • Reduce that rotten-egg smell of hydrogen sulfide
    • Reduce iron stains on sinks, fixtures, dishes, and clothes
    • Reduction of arsenic in your water
    • Reduce the taste and odor problems from chlorine
    • Reduce the corrosion of fixtures and piping by neutralizing the acids in your water
    • Reduce hard water stains and spots
    • Reduce the dirt, silt, clay and other types of sediment from your water

  • Water Quality Experts
  • Quality Drinking Water through Filtration or Bottled Water Delivery