• Benefits of Better Home Water 

    Culligan Water Treatment Solutions for Better Household Water

    Fresher from faucet to tap, and everywhere in between.  

    Investing in a Culligan water treatment solution is the perfect example of how making one small change can have a dramatic impact on the quality of life in your home and outside it. In addition to the many benefits of drinking plenty of water, cleaner, treated water in your home can improve appliance efficiency, reduce time spent cleaning, and help plumbing and fixtures resist wear and tear. There are also a variety of other ways treated and softened water can contribute around the house.


    Benefits of Drinking Water Systems  

    Our drinking water systems are available in a variety of options and styles that fit your home and make it easier to start enjoying the benefits of filtered water straight from the faucet.

    • Cleaner drinking water for your whole home or office.
    • Better-tasting beverages, meals, and baked goods.
    • More cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than single-use bottled water.


    Benefits of Water Treatment Systems 

    Advanced, whole-home water treatment systems from Culligan are customized to address the unique needs of your water supply, and your home, so you enjoy more efficient, effective results from every faucet and spigot.

    • Easy-to-clean fixtures, bathrooms, and kitchens with less residue and soap scum buildup left behind from hard, untreated water.
    • Cleaner, softer laundry with less detergent.
    • Smoother, softer skin and hair with less shampoo.
    • Increased appliance efficiency that helps large appliances last longer while working harder.


    Benefits of Whole-House Treatment 

    Our whole-home water treatment options are available in a range of styles and specialties to improve water’s taste, smell, and quality while protecting against common water contamination issues like:

    • Rotten-egg smell from hydrogen sulphide.
    • Iron stains on sinks, fixtures, dishes, and clothes.
    • The effects of arsenic in your water.
    • Taste and odour problems from chlorine.
    • Cloudiness or corrosion on fixtures and plumbing from unbalanced or acidic water.
    • Hard water stains and spots.
    • Dirt, silt, clay, and other sediment in water.


    Learn how far the benefits of better water can extend beyond your faucet – call your local Culligan Man today. 

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