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New Year, New You

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The excitement of a "fresh start" has just begun, and in the midst of it all is the need for resolutions; whether it's trying something new or bettering something in our lives. One resolution that everyone should strongly consider though is adding more water to their daily routine.

While many are aware of the benefits of water to all aspects of life, there are quite a few specific to one's health and well-being. Here are a few to help you get started:

  • Helps You Lose Weight:  Replace high calorie beverages with water, decreasing calorie intake
  • Adds Shine to Hair: At the end of your shower, rinse hair with cool water to add shine
  • Makes You Smarter: Drink enough a day and it will increase oxygen levels to brain, improving cognitive performance
  • Reduces Anxiety/Stress: Use a water feature (think tabletop water fountain) on your desk at work to calm your mood
  • Improves Sleep: Soak in a hot bath before bedtime to increase relaxation
  • Increases Energy/Minimizes Fatigue: Drinking plenty of H20 helps organs function properly and prevents dehydration, giving you more vitality  
  • Keeps You Young: Keep skin moisturized and reduce wrinkles by drinking at least 8 glasses a day

Water has so many perks, including making YOU a healthier version of yourself. So whether you've decided to learn a new language, exercise more often or perhaps travel more in 2014, adding water into the equation can only benefit you and your livelihood! Drink up!


Culligan’s First Female Culligan Dealer Passes Away at 105

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Lucille With Emett CulliganThere's plenty more to Culligan's legacy than water filtration.

Without the men and women who've developed the company and its expertise in the industry, Culligan would be little more than a brand name. Last month, the Culligan system lost one of its longtime greats, Lucille Neubert.

Lucille, who passed away on December 12 at the age of 105, became Culligan's first female franchise owner in 1939 when she and her husband, Merle Sophy, acquired the Mankato, Minnesota dealership from Culligan's founder, Emmett J. Culligan. At the time, it was just the ninth franchise in the country.

The dealership in Mankato has remained in the family for three generations.

Lucille was twice widowed before marrying Clarence Neubert and settling in Arizona. Lucille's son, Michael Sophy, who remains part owner of Culligan of Mankato along with his son, said his mother was an avid gardener and pianist, and loved to travel the world.

Culligan International is grateful for its Culligan men and women, and thanks Lucille's family for their years of dedicated service. She'll be missed within the Culligan family.

Drink Up, Kids

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Remember as a kid how much you loved drinking sugary beverages like soda, lemonade and fruit juice? Children today are still consuming those same beverages except now the variety of choices has increased (so has the marketing). Unfortunately, those delicious, sugar-filled drinks aren’t always the best beverage choices for children (or adults).

Most adults enjoy indulging in sweetened beverages but are also aware of the importance of drinking plenty of water (eight glasses a day is ideal), but are you ensuring your children take part in this effort? Truth be told, children are less likely to consume water according to a recent study done by The NPD Group. Children tend to drink soft drinks or milk during meals and fruit-type drinks in between meals.

According to, a 12-ounce can of soda typically contains 10.5 teaspoons of sugar and there are at least 15 grams of sugar per serving in two-thirds of the drinks marketed to children. This means that children get their TOTAL daily intake of sugar in one sweet drink alone. That’s A LOT of sugar, and it has its side effects. Sugary beverages are a major contributor to childhood obesity and double the risk of dental problems in children according to

So start replacing those oh so desirable sugary drinks with water. If your children don’t like the taste of water, add some lemon or lime for flavor or try feeding them more fruits and vegetables, which are chock-full with water. Children need plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy, so next time they are thirsty, help them hit the tap!

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Water Softener?

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Old. Outdated. Inefficient. Costly.

None of those sound appealing, do they? We didn’t think so. When is the last time you checked to make sure your water softener didn’t fall under any of those categories? Now is as good a time as any. 

For starters, a water softener should be inspected once a year to assure it’s running properly and efficiently. If it is, you’re going to reap the benefits, the largest of which is soft water. But along with that soft water comes lower water and electric bills, easier cleaning, softer skin, hair and laundry, better-tasting water, and sparkling dishes. 

But if your softener is old and inefficient, it’s time to think about an upgrade. The modern technology found in a high efficiency water softener is going to make an even bigger difference you can feel at home and in your wallet. The Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener, for example, is the world’s most efficient water softener. Why? Check out the benefits: 

  • Low Maintenance - Automatic service notifications sent directly to your Culligan Man.
  • Lower Bills - Spend less every month on energy, water, detergents, shampoo, and more.
  • More Control - Custom water softness where you want it, automatically adjusted for how you use it most.

Not sure if you need an upgrade? Follow this three-step process to figure it out:

First, look at your costs. Take a peek at your water and electric bills and your salt usage. Are you buying more salt because you have to fill the tank more often? If you’re seeing costs creep up, you’re using excess water. That’s a pretty big sign that your water softener is not as efficient as it could be.

Then, have your water softener inspected. Call your local Culligan Man. He’ll inspect your water softener and test your home’s water quality. If there’s an issue, he’ll be able to provide you with solutions.

And lastly, make sure you understand modern technology. Water softeners used to be sized for the number of people in a home. Have your kids moved away to college? Are there fewer people using water at home? Your softener may be using more water and electricity than necessary. The Culligan HE can monitor for changes in water consumption, adjusting automatically.

Five Ways to Stop Wasting Water on Laundry

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Millions of people around the world do laundry each day. The average American family alone does 8-10 loads of laundry each week, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). A single load of laundry, from wash to dry, takes an average of one hour and twenty seven minutes to complete. That’s a lot of water and energy! In the spirit of saving, here are some tips to lighten that hefty burden that comes with all those loads of laundry:

  1. Wash Big Loads
    Don’t let that small pile of dirty towels make you feel overwhelmed. Wait until the pile is big enough to wash a large load in the washing machine. 
  2. Reuse Shower Towel
    Think about it… you use that towel to dry your clean body. Why not let it air dry and reuse a few more times?
  3. Wear Clothes Twice
    Do you really need to wash that pair of jeans you wore for one hour to go grocery shopping? Unless you spilled your coffee on them or jumped in a puddle, wear them again before washing!
  4. Darks in Cold
    Wash dark clothes in cold water and you will save water and energy, not to mention help retain the color of your clothes!
  5. Match Water to Load
    If you are doing a medium-sized load of laundry, then only use a medium-sized amount of water. Extra water is not necessary.

We all love clean, fluffy, fresh smelling clothing, sheets and towels, but who doesn’t like to save the environment (and money)! Next time you are ready to wash those dirty socks, think about how much water can be saved by throwing in some jeans and t-shirts with them!

Water Fit

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Drink more water! Eat less fat! Exercise more! While we hear more and more talk in the media about becoming healthier humans, one idea that always makes the list is the benefits of drinking more water. And with summer upon us, getting fit is at the top of the list for many. So, what’s the correlation between being fit and drinking water?

I’m Not Hungry
Say you are at a restaurant waiting for your meal to be served. Generally, you receive a glass of water and whatever other beverage you may order. Ever notice how when the meal takes longer than usual to arrive you find yourself drinking the whole glass of water, then when the meal finally arrives, you feel less hungry? That’s because water suppresses your appetite! That’s right, drinking a glass of water before meals will help you eat less, as THIRST is often mistaken for HUNGER. Go figure! Side note: if you up your intake of water in general, you will find yourself consuming fewer calories over time! Keep this in mind the next time you are bored and want to grab something to eat. Put down the cookies and pour yourself an ice cold glass of water!

Flat Tummy Club
The three “P’s” of salty food… potato chips, popcorn and peanuts taste great but can leave your body feeling not so great. Salty foods can make the body bloat and retain water, causing many to shy away from drinking more water for fear of further bloating. This is actually not true! Staying hydrated and filling up on water actually helps keep belly bloat away and stops fingers from swelling. Put down the popcorn and pick up a water bottle the next time you are at the movie theater!

Quick Metabolism
Drinking water before, during, and after you exercise is essential to keep your muscles working properly and prevent dehydration, but did you know drinking more water even when you are not exercising helps you burn more calories? Increasing your daily intake to eight to 12 glasses could help you burn more fat than if you drank three to four glasses. Put down the weights and hit up the water cooler!

Get water fit, and reap the benefits!

Summer Hydration

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School’s out for summer! With warm summer days and cool summer nights on the horizon, kids are out playing sports, attending summer camps and enjoying the sun. With all that sunshine and activity though, comes the risk of dehydration.

Dehydration is a condition that occurs when the loss of body fluids, mostly water, exceeds the amount that is taken in. Children are much more prone to dehydration (especially in the summer) because their bodies don’t cool down as efficiently as adults. The symptoms of dehydration include headache, fatigue, decreased urine output, dizziness, nausea and dark yellow urine.

Preventing dehydration is easy and important, as severe dehydration can lead to death. Some tips and tricks to keep in mind for your kids: 

  • Drink early, before they are thirsty
  • Five ounces of water (for an 88-pound child) f¬or every 20 minutes of activity; drink more if it’s especially hot or humid
  • Avoid ice cold beverages, as its more difficult to drink greater quantities
  • Water is best, as many other beverages have added sugar and calories 
  • Fruits, vegetables and low-sugar popsicles can assist in providing necessary water intake
  • Avoid caffeine, including soda and iced tea

Summer is the time for kids to enjoy time off from school and have some fun. Don’t let dehydration get in the way! Keep providing your children with the necessary amount of water to keep them safe, happy and healthy.