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Better tasting hot and cold beverages

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While spring may appear to be just around the corner, the blustery winter months aren’t over yet. And, during the cold weather, there is perhaps nothing better than the warmth provided by a cup of your favorite hot drink. And, there is perhaps nothing more disappointing than when the taste or smell of your tea, hot chocolate or coffee is unpleasant due to the water that’s used to make it.  Poor taste or smells are two of the most common – and frustrating – problems people experience with their drinking water. The slightest metallic, salty or sour taste, chlorine taste and odor, or a rotten egg or musty smell can make it almost impossible to enjoy your hot beverage of choice.  

Unfortunately, standard water filters, faucet filters and pitcher filters are no match for the chemicals and contaminants1 that cause these unpleasant odors and tastes. The best way to treat these types of water problems is to address them at the source. Home drinking water filtration solutions – such as Culligan’s Aqua-Cleer® Drinking Water System, and office drinking water solutions, such as Culligan's Bottle-Free®water coolers deliver an endless supply of clean, great tasting drinking water right from your kitchen sink. These systems can also be customized to reduce impurities in your unique water supply1.  

If you’re concerned about the quality of your drinking water, Culligan professionals are available to perform a complimentary water quality analysis at your home and office. Culligan can also help homeowners diagnose water issues and chose the water filtration system that’s right for their family and budget. For a no-obligation assessment, call 1-800-CULLIGAN or visit  

1. Impurities may not necessarily be in your water  


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